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Scaffold & Access (SA) magazine debuted in January 2000 and is the official publication of the Scaffold and Access Industry Association (SAIA). Developed to extend SAIA’s industry knowledge to the industry as a whole, SA acts as the voice for the Association and is the preeminent resource of news and trends impacting scaffold and access businesses and professionals. SA educates its readership on better business practices, innovations in the field, trends in the marketplace, training opportunities, safety regulations/standards, new products, and services. Its reach encompasses the contractors, engineers, erectors, safety professionals, rental and staging companies utilizing scaffold, lift, and access equipment -- 2,000 print readers and 7,000+ digital readers! Complementing the six yearly editions of SA magazine is the annual Membership Directory.  The Directory will be available in late August and will contain a complete listing of SAIA member companies that manufacture, sell, rent, erect or service products/equipment used in the scaffold & access industry. Adding even greater value to this information cocktail is SA Connection—the bi-monthly digital e-newsletter that elaborates further on the more timely and relevant topics impacting the scaffold and access industries and the Association.

Advertising space is available in the print and digital editions of SA, and in the Membership Directory.  Sponsorships are available for SA Connection with each 220x220 ad costing only $500 and reaching 7,000+ readers. Ask about our frequency rates and the SAIA member discount.   Let the glow of excellent editorial & purpose give your message the platform it deserves.

For more information, contact:

Kelly Coleman

Phone: 816-595-4851
Fax: 816-472-7765

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No matter what your business is—from scaffold erection to fall protection
Advertising is important!

That’s why the Scaffold & Access Industry Association offers its members and industry suppliers so many options for advertising their products and services. When you advertise, you help your business—and the industry—grow.

Below are some of the major opportunities our association offers for scaffold and access advertisers to reach buyers.

Why Advertise in Scaffold & Access?

Do you want to:

  • Establish awareness of your product or service?
  • Build interest in the market?
  • Educate your customers?
  • Change brand attitudes?
  • Influence the perceptions of your customers?

If so, then you need to advertise!

Save on Your Advertising With Frequency Discounts

Studies show that consistent advertising can outperform “spot” or occasional ads. And Scaffold & Access magazine offers deep discounts to consistent advertisers.

With special issues and supplements—such as the Membership Directory, SA Connection e-newsletter and the SAIA annual pre-convention and official convention issues of the monthly magazine— it’s easy to create a solid, sales-building campaign. Contact Kelly Coleman today to learn more about how you can save money and increase the effectiveness of your advertising with frequency in SA.

Click on the links below to get more details on each of these advertising vehicles:

  Click Here for Ad Rates and Specifications

For complete details on advertising, contact: or 816-595-4851

To Subscribe to Scaffold & Access Magazine:

Individual issues of Scaffold & Access are $10.95 per issue. An annual subscription is $85. To subscribe, click here or call 816.595.4860.

SAIA members receive a complimentary subscription with membership. To purchase additional subscriptions at $45 each, click here or call 816.595.4860.







Scaffold Industry Directory & Handbook

If there’s one issue you don’t want to miss, it is the Annual Membership Directory. This extra edition of the magazine, published in late August and delivered in a polybag, lists the leading firms in the industry in a variety of categories.

Readers refer to this resource tool throughout the year, so your advertising dollars go even further.  See the media kit for rates and deadlines.


To advertise: To be included:
Kelly Coleman Brandi Murr
Advertising Sales Marketing Director
816-595-4851 (816) 595.4832

To Order Reprints

Distributing reprints of an article or advertisement in SA magazine that showcases your product or service is an excellent way to maximize your exposure in the marketplace. Reprints are inexpensive as promotional vehicles, and you can use them as sales tools, direct-mail pieces and at trade events. We can customize your order to include the cover of the magazine issue in which your article or advertisement appeared, add your company logo and include any other marketing information you would like.

Our reprint service offers high quality and fast turnaround on custom orders.

For more information or to place an order, contact Kelly Coleman at or 816-595-4851.

Current Issue

Each issue of Scaffold & Access magazine contains features on scaffold & access projects within the United States and throughout the world, as well as bonus articles on critical industry topics. In addition, the magazine has regular departments on technical issues, litigation concerns, industry briefs, new product offerings, association updates, the views of SAIA committee members, general industry reports and more.

SAIA members or SA magazine subscribers can access the digital version here.

Archive of Past Issues

Members of the association can easily locate articles on a variety of topics pertaining to the scaffold and access industry by visiting our archive of past issues.

SAIA members or SA magazine subscribers can access digital back issues here.

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