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9/25/2009 - ASC A92 to oppose formation of ASSE A10.29 Proposed Standard
Contact: Laurie Weber, Associate Director
Scaffold Industry Association (816) 595.4860
ASC A92 to oppose formation of ASSE A10.29 Proposed Standard
The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), secretariat for the ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A10 for Construction and Demolition Operations has drafted a new proposed standard – ASSE A10.29 for Safe Practices for the Use of Aerial Platforms in Construction. The ASC A92 believes this proposed standard is duplicative and in direct conflict with existing A92 series of standards.  The A92 series of standards currently covers various Aerial Work Platforms devices. These include, but are not limited to, vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating devices, self-propelled aerial work platforms, boom-supported aerial work platforms, and manually-propelled aerial work platforms.
The ASC A92 stands behind its set of ANSI approved standards. If adopted, the proposed ASSE A10.29 will create confusion in the industry for designing, manufacturing, performance, training and use of these devices. Given the extent of the conflicting standards, the ASC A92 will formally submit its objections and comments to ASSE A10 by the October 6, 2009, deadline for public comment.
The SIA serves as an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer for the A92 Aerial Work Platform series of standards. To learn more about the ASC A92’s objections, the A92 series of publications, or other ANSI issues, please contact Emily Bannwarth, A92 Secretariat, at (816) 595.4860 or
About the SIA
The Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) is a non-profit trade 501(c)(6) association committed to raising the standards of professionalism within the scaffold and access industry. The SIA represents all facets of the scaffold & access industry through various councils that include, aerial work platform, construction hoist, fall protection equipment, international, industrial, mast climbing, plank and platform, supported scaffold and suspended scaffold. Through its various programs, the SIA promotes safety, training and a highly professional, responsible image of the scaffold and access industry. The SIA delivers hundreds of safety training programs a year at various locations throughout the world. These programs cover all aspects of scaffold and access safety and equipment use. The SIA is also the secretariat for the American National Standard, ASC A92 standards. For more information, call (816) 595.4860 or visit them at
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