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3/31/2015 - MCWP Industry Response to the Recent Accidents

Scaffold & Access Industry Association


Joint statement of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA)

The Mast-Climbing Work Platform Committee/Council of IPAF and SAIA are saddened by the accidents in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We would like to extend our sympathies and prayers to the families of those who lost their lives and injured in these tragic events. This emphasizes the importance, especially in light of the current resurgence in construction, of training, continuing education as well as inspection of equipment.

Since their introduction in the 1960’s, Mast-Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP’s) have been used extensively without incident throughout many sites worldwide and in the USA and Canada. Mast-Climbing Work Platforms are popular with an array of trades including the masonry, stucco, glass and refurbishment industries where they can offer safety, productivity and ergonomic benefits.When installed and used correctly they are as safe as, or safer than, other forms of powered access or scaffold.

The key to the safe use of mast climbers is appropriate training. This has led manufacturers and industry bodies to develop robust training programs for both erectors and operators of Mast-Climbing Work Platforms.

The mast-climbing industry has collectively strived for many years to ensure that all operators and erectors benefit from this level of appropriate training, but since there are no specific national training regulations for mast climbing work platforms in the USA or Canada, employer education and outreach is a continual priority of the industry.

The mast-climbing industry will continue to take a proactive approach to employer education and appropriate training and will continue to work with OSHA to find opportunities to reinforce this requirement.  

This is joint statement of IPAF and SAIA. 

About IPAF

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access worldwide. Set up in 1983, IPAF is a not-for-profit members’ organisation that represents the interests of manufacturers, distributors, users, rental and training companies. It serves as a forum for all active in the world of powered access. IPAF has played a key role in promoting many of the design, safety and testing procedures that are now established in the powered access industry.

About SAIA

The Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) is a non-profit trade 501(c)(6) association committed to raising the standards of professionalism within the scaffold and access industry. The SAIA represents all facets of the scaffold & access industry through various councils that include, aerial work platform, construction hoist, fall protection equipment, international, industrial, mast climbing, plank and platform, shoring, supported scaffold and suspended scaffold. Through its various programs, the SAIA promotes safety, training and a highly professional, responsible image of the scaffold and access professional. The SAIA delivers thousands of safety training programs a year at various locations throughout the world. These programs cover all aspects of scaffold and access safety and equipment use. The SAIA is also the secretariat for the American National Standard, SAIA ASC A92 standards. For more information, call 816.595.4860 or visit us at

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