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Become an Accredited Training Institute with the SAIA!
The Scaffold & Access Industry Association University (SAIAU) offers training for both supported and suspended scaffolding through the Scaffold Industry Association Training Program (SAIATP). The course materials have been developed by experts within the association and scaffold industry. Courses are conducted throughout the United States and Canada by SAIA members that have been approved by the ATI Committee as Accredited Training Institutes (ATI). Over 60,000 students have been trained since the SAIAU was established.

Benefits of becoming and ATI with the SAIA University:

  • Create an additional revenue stream for your business
  • Access proven industry standard training content and materials
  • Provide a safer workplace for employees and customers
  • Meet government requirements
  • Meet insurance requirements as well as a possible savings on premiums
  • Meet competent person training requirements
  • Provide structure for career advancement for employees
  • Create an objective standard for new employee assessment by independent not-for-profit organization

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question -How do I become an ATI?
Answer - Companies and individuals interested in becoming an ATI must submit an application to SAIA.

The ATI Committee reviews all applications and approves qualified candidates and companies.

Question - Where do I get an application?
Answer Contact Jackie Brown at 816.595.4843 or

Question - How much does it cost to become an Accredited Training Institute?
Answer – Once approved there is a one time start up fee of $2500 for supported scaffold and $1500 for suspended scaffold training. Annually thereafter there is a $500 renewal fee. 

Question - Once accredited, what must I do?
Answer – All approved instructors must attend the SAIA Train the Trainer Facilitator Skills Program as well as successfully complete the SAIA Competent Person Training program.

Question - Are there additional per student fees?
Answer – The per student test processing fee is $80 per student. A discount can be obtained by purchasing in advance a block of 100 students at a rate of $60 per student.

Question - How can I create revenue doing training?
Answer – You can generate revenue by charging a competitive rate and providing training to meet the need in your area.  Currently ATI’s charge between $250 and $450 per person for students needing training.


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