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Forrest Hester/ Chair
Tutus LLC


Jeffrey Stachowiak/ Co-Chair
Sunbelt Rentals

The SAIA Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Council shall promote Safety Awareness through a more informed access industry.  This council will champion the specific needs and requirements for all its stakeholders including manufacturers, dealers/distributors, owners, employers, users, operators, regulators and educators.

What is aerial work platform equipment?  A mobile or manually propelled device that has an adjustable position platform, supported from ground level by a structure.

  • Utilize the AWP Council at Committee Week and its Annual Meeting as a forum to openly discuss issues that impact the AWP as a whole, then define initiatives to bring about resolution
  • Pursue a leadership role regarding subjects that will ultimately benefit the entire industry by elevating awareness on elements that have may have been previously sheltered
  • Strengthen the participation within the AWP Council by actively seeking participation then recruiting membership from all entities with a focus on users of AWP equipment.
  • Participate in the action items that are reflected in the SAIA-OSHA Alliance, in particular those that are associated with the Best Practicesregarding AWP Training and Fall Protection

Statement of Best Practices of General Training and Familiarization for Aerial Work Platform Equipment

Statement of Best Practices of Personal Fall Protection Systems for Aerial Work Platform Equipment

Statement of Best Practices of Workplace Risk Assessment and AWP Equipment Selection

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