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When I think about 2017 and celebrating the 45th anniversary of the SAIA, I am so proud to be a part of an organization which has so significantly and positively affected the way the access industry works. Back in 1972, the SAIA was formed initially to protect and promote the interests of dealers and distributors of access and scaffold equipment. As the association grew, collaboration with OSHA and ANSI became an essential part of our group, and heavily influenced our training programs.

Over the years, we evolved into what we are today, and it is reflected in our mission statement:

“To ensure those who make, install, depend on or govern the use of access tools and equipment pursue the highest standards of safety, craftsmanship and ethics”.

This mission statement is carried out through a tactical plan that includes these goals:

  • Provide A forum to improve the professional capabilities of SAIA Members, their employees and other interested parties by the timely gathering and disseminating of technical, financial, safety and management information.
  • Develop and conduct safety, training and educational programs and conferences to promote the safe use of our products. Promote consistency in user training and education.
  • Become the vehicle for uniformity in the promotion of scaffold safety. Assist federal, state, provincial and local governing bodies in improving scaffold standards and inspections, and create a cohesive industry approach to the development of access and scaffold related standards.
  • Represent the Membership before government agencies and other public forums.
  • Increase industry awareness of technological advances with regard to products, services and practices. Raise visibility of the access industry in the overall construction market place. Promote a professional image of the industry.
  • Improve the working relationship between manufacturers, dealers, users, and other interested parties.
  • Promote SAIA Membership to all individuals and firms who manufacture, sell, rent, lease or use access, scaffolding, shoring and forming equipment, and related products and services.

As a professional organization, our tenets are firmly rooted in safety, training and education. Because of the immense volume of highly technical work contributed by our members, we have affected legislation and raised the bar on training across the country. Due to the dedication of our members, more men and women go home every night, alive and well. In the 45 years of our existence, I believe that is the primary cornerstone on which we proudly stand.

I am fueled by my passion for this association and continuing our mission to ensure those who make, install, depend on or govern the use of scaffold and access equipment pursue the highest standards of safety, craftsmanship and ethics. No matter how we change and grow, we stay true to our mission and core values. That will always be the basis of our success.

The best way to grow a well-rounded organization is to provide a forum so that experiences can be shared and incorporated into the evolving landscape. Each of these programs are just underway, and as our methods continue to evolve into the diverse new technological world we live in, there will be plenty of opportunity and an overwhelming need for creative input and participation from our members. We will come calling - and I respectfully ask that you answer.

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