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Wendy Larison / Chair
Urban Scaffolding, Ltd. 


David Johnson / Co-Chair
SkyLine Scaffold

The mission of the Scaffold & Access Industry Association Supported Scaffold Council is to help educate scaffold builders and scaffold users in all safety aspects pertaining to Supported Scaffolds.

  • Educate and inform SAIA members and the public in general in the best and safest work practices pertaining to Supported Scaffolds.
  • Educate the SAIA members and the industry in general on changing rules and regulations in the various jurisdictions.
  • Develop and present programs and training materials by working with scaffold manufactures, scaffold builders and scaffold users, in order to help SAIA members and the industry in general to make the Supported Scaffold Industry a safe environment for all workers.

Code for Frame Scaffolds, System Scaffolds, Tube and Clamp Scaffolds & Rolling Scaffolds
SAIA Hand Signals
Small Scaffold Tip Sheet

*Looking for the presentations from the 2012 Annual Convention and Exposition? These are available for viewing to all of our SAIA members. Login to the "Members Only" section to access these presentations.

Supported Council presents ~ SCAFFOLD JEOPARDY

Members log in and go to the member toolbox to get the Scaffold Jeopardy game!

Jeopardy is popular quiz show featuring trivia questions.  Our version is “Scaffold Jeopardy” and is a fun interactive way to learn about scaffold rules, components and practices. Keep your mind sharp and current with the Scaffold Jeopardy for Frame Scaffolds, System Scaffolds & Tube & Clamp scaffolds. Use this tool in safety meetings, training classes or tool box meetings and challenge your work mates to answer the questions correctly and quickly.

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