ASC A11 Secretariat

The SAIA serves as the Secretariat for the A11 series of standards and is responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in the ANSI Essential Requirements, which govern the consensus development process. Accredited Standards Committee A11 consists of standards related to Design, Manufacturing, and Performance Testing related to Scaffolding, Shoring, and Forming Products and Related Components and Accessories.

The ASC A11 manages and maintains the following standards:

  • A11.1 Standard for Testing and Rating Scaffold Assemblies and Components

  • A11.2 Standard for Testing & Rating Shoring Equipment

  • A11.3  Standard Requirements and Test Methods for Testing and Rating Portable Rigging Devices for Suspended Scaffold

  • A11.4 Standard Requirements for Testing and Rating Multiple Point Suspended Scaffold Platforms 

  • A11.5 Standard for Testing and Rating Vertical Concrete Formwork, Ties, and Accessories

  • A11.6 Standard for Testing and Rating Scaffold Planks and Decks


The ASC A11 Main Committee consists of member companies and organizations that have been appointed based on their technical, safety, and related industrial expertise. The committee meets annually to review current issues, establish policies and procedures relative to the consensus standards, and evaluate the development activities of each subcommittee. The primary expectation for participation is knowledge of the area covered and a willingness to contribute your time and expertise. All committee work is done on a voluntary basis. 

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