About SAIA

Members are the Scaffold & Access Industry Association's (SAIA) most important asset. They come from all corners of the scaffold and access industry: local mom-and-pop shops; scaffold builders, erectors, and equipment workers; and companies that do more than $100 million in annual revenue in the scaffold and access business.

SAIA members are unique and have something to offer both our organization and the scaffold and access industry. Collectively, you won't find a greater wealth of scaffold and access knowledge or information from any other company or association in the industry.

A sense of community harmonization is the heart of SAIA. Members voluntarily join because they want to work together for a common cause – making sure workers in the scaffold and access industry come home safe! Our community interacts with each other throughout the year at the SAIA annual conference and exposition, regional meetings and industry events.

SAIA members are characteristically open to sharing their expertise as well as mentoring others. The global nature of SAIA affords the possibility of interchange and networking with peers from diverse locations and cultural backgrounds.

Our community has agreed to:

  • Be the unified voice of the scaffold and access industry.

  • Promote safety by developing educational and informational material, conducting educational seminars and training courses, and providing audio-visual programs and codes of safe practices and other training and safety aids.

  • Work with state, federal and other agencies in developing more effective safety standards.

  • Reduce accidents, thereby reducing insurance cost.

  • Assist our members in becoming more efficient and profitable in their businesses.