Some of the many benefits of becoming an ATI/ATI instructor for the SAIAU include:

  • Being listed on the SAIA website as a provider of SAIA training programs (along with your name and contact information for potential students to access)

  • Having your name and contact information in the annual SAIA Directory and on all printed ATI materials

  • Getting 24/7 access to the ATI Portal and Learning Management System (LMS), which houses all the necessary training documents, proven industry standard training content, and other relevant materials

  • Receiving completion documentation (a pocket identification card and a certificate with certification number)

  • Meeting government and insurance requirements (with possible savings on premiums)

  • Creating an additional revenue stream for your business

  • Providing a safer workplace for employees and customers

  • Establishing structure for career advancement for employees

  • Setting objective standards for new employee assessment by an independent, not-for-profit organization