Class Descriptions and Benefits of SAIAU Training



The Supported Scaffold User Hazard Awareness Training class is designed to help the scaffold user recognize the hazards on various types of scaffold. The class is approximately four hours in length and incorporates a PowerPoint presentation and student interaction that encourages participation. This course is NOT designed for workers who are involved with erecting any type of scaffold and/or have a three-year certificate.


This class is designed for employees who perform work while on a suspended scaffold. The curriculum covers the suspended and supported systems and emphasizes the safety system for those workers operating a suspended scaffold. The class includes basic fall arrest, safe operation of a suspended scaffold, and an introduction to suspended scaffold support systems. This class has a three-year certificate.


Scaffold professionals who continually work in the industry erecting and dismantling scaffolds of various types, regardless of height or configuration, may take one or more of the various Journeyperson courses. The Journeyperson Program consists of three levels of training: Level 1 (1st Year Apprentice), Level 2 (2nd Year Apprentice), and Specialty Level (3rd Year Apprentice). This program also requires documented hours worked for each level of proficiency completed. This program is offered in Canada only.


This training is designed for people who want to safely operate MEWP/AWP equipment and will include an online component. It instructs an operator to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWP's, also referred to as cherry pickers, aerial lifts or scissor lifts. Categories include Mobile Vertical (3a) and Mobile Boom (3b). The class format includes a combination of online learning, presentation, question-and-answer, and a hands on practical exam. Upon successful completion of the class participants will receive a PAL card distributed by IPAF.


This training instructs an operator on how to operate the MCWP safely, with full knowledge of the controls of the equipment and they are able to carry out pre-use/daily inspectionsand perform the emergency descent. Upon successful completion of this half day class, participants will receive a PAL card distributed by IPAF.


Competent Person Training is available in all three major supported scaffold systems: frame scaffolds, systems scaffolds, and tube and clamp scaffolds. These classes are designed for scaffold erectors and covers the safety aspects regarding scaffold foundations, scaffold components, regulations, guardrail requirements, fall protection, scaffold stabilization, and erecting and dismantling procedures for scaffolds that exceed the height-to-base ratio. This class has a three-year certificate.


An industry standard since 1992, this comprehensive training explains how to set up, operate, and inspect suspended work platforms. The student completing this class will know the basics required to safely use suspended equipment. On-the-job training after this class will allow participants to apply what they have learned and to gain field experience necessary for any professional. This class has a three-year certificate.


This interactive, 8-hour workshop is a hands-on approach to the improvement of teaching and learning skills. Participants will review basic ideas about training and adult learning skills, check current practices, and practice their presentation skills. Students will be encouraged to try new instructional strategies and techniques within the safe environment of a group setting. In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to:

  • understand the importance of effective instructional skills
  • practice a variety of training tools and techniques
  • recognize the importance of establishing a positive learning environment
  • use learning objectives to inform students of expectations and intentions
  • understand the different learning styles of participants
  • become familiar with the SAIAU Training Program content

This workshop develops competence and confidence as an instructor; it is suitable for novice and seasoned instructors alike. This workshop meets the skills training requirement for new SAIA Accredited Training Institutes and new instructors.


By attending SAIAU training, students will learn all the tools they need to:

  • Create a safer workplace for employees and customers.

  • Understand and meet government requirements.

  • Comply with insurance requirements, which could result in premium savings.

  • Fulfill competent person training requirements.

  • Offer employees a structure for career advancement.

  • Set objective standards for new employee assessment by utilizing independent, not-for-profit organizations.
  • Online testing now available - this allows students to know immediately if they have passed the exam and gives them a temporary card.