The Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) is comprised of 12 active councils. Each council represents a niche of the scaffolding and access industry. Councils are responsible for the development and implementation of affairs consistent with the product and/or service applicable to each council. They are tasked with oversight of regulatory/jurisdictional safety concerns and specific industry issues relative to each established council. 

Councils meet face-to-face twice a year: in the spring for a working meeting to plan out the year and each fall during the SAIA Annual Conference & Exposition. Councils are led by a chair, who is appointed by the SAIA President, and each chair serves a two-year term. Anyone is welcome to join a council meeting, and members may work on projects for the council.

The SAIA relies on the leadership of our members to provide expertise and experience on the issues and challenges facing our industry. As such, all members of the association are invited to indicate their interest in serving on the various councils. All chairs are by appointment of the President for two-year terms. Commitment is very vital. Serving on an SAIA Council is an important responsibility that is taken very seriously. These are not political appointments – they are working appointments. Therefore, each member will be asked to make a personal commitment to make attendance at the meetings a priority, by attending every meeting, providing agendas, arriving on time, and staying for the duration of the meeting.

The SAIA councils are always looking for additional support to assist with projects. Guide and shape our industry by serving on an SAIA committee, council, task force, or working group. SAIA needs your expertise and feedback to drive the industry's response to the issues and challenges facing your business. Please contact SAIA headquarters or the appropriate committee chair. These leaders have committed time, and their companies have donated resources, to ensure SAIA is meeting our mission. Thank you to the committee chairs of the SAIA.


  • To be the unified voice of the scaffold and access industry.

  • To promote safety by developing educational and informational material; conducting educational seminars and training courses; providing audio-visual programs and codes of safe practices; and other training and safety aids.

  • To work with state, federal and other agencies in developing more effective safety standards.

  • To reduce accidents, thereby reducing insurance costs.

  • To assist our members to become more efficient and profitable in their businesses.