SAIA History

No matter what you call it – Scaffold, Access, Shoring, Swing Stage, Mast Climber, Boom, Scissor Lift, Suspended, Supported, Permanent, Hoist, Bucket, Frame, AWP or Harness – the Scaffold & Access Industry Association is committed to the safety, training, and education of our industry.

When the association formed on July 21, 1972, we laid the foundation for the future of scaffold and access safety. From Scaffold Contractors Association to Scaffold Industry Association and now the Scaffold & Access Industry Association, the organization has spanned 40 years of friendships, networking, best practices, and industry-shaping initiatives.

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The Association's members have long strived to make the workplace safer by being the professional voice of the industry. By offering a collective opinion we have been able to develop standards and provide relative training materials.

Harold Gidish
SAIA President 2002-2004