How to Become an ATI

The first step to becoming an ATI is submitting your completed application to the SAIA – only companies that have been in business for at least one year can apply. The ATI Review Committee will then consider your application for approval as an ATI. There is a one-time start-up fee of $2,500 for supported scaffold and $1,500 for suspended scaffold, along with an annual $500 renewal fee.

Individuals within your company who are interested in becoming instructors must submit their resumé to the ATI Review Committee. Once approved as a qualified candidate, they will need to attend, and successfully complete, the SAIA Train-the-Trainer Facilitator Skills and the Competent Person Training programs.

For a listing of all SAIAU courses and their descriptions, click here.

The complete ATI Agreement can be downloaded as a PDF here and will outline all the terms and requirements of being an ATI.

For more information or to ask questions, contact Jackie Brown at 816.595.4843.