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Update from Committee Week - April 2020

The council discussed whether salespersons or estimators are competent to identify all existing and potential hazards and plan the job in a way that establishes legal protection for the owner of the company. The chair reviewed first drafts of two new tip sheets, the Job Survey and Duty of Care, that could improve safety performance. The Job Survey Tip Sheet covered primary equipment needs, ground conditions, mast placement and attachment, general site conditions, the dismantle phase, and the training needed. The co-chair shared his company’s job survey form as an example of what could be created using the tip sheet. The chair then reviewed the draft of the Duty of Care, which covered qualified maintenance and inspections, recordkeeping, component control, and operational and general procedures. Next presented for the council's review were detailed guidelines for operator training during the pandemic, beginning with “Do the Five.” The council discussed offering the guidelines as an SAIA product and concluded the session with further discussion on possible revisions to the drafts of the tip sheets.

This video is the full length video which has all the Q&A. The one in the wrap up presentation was edited for size.

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Code of Safe Practices for Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP) | COSP/MC-601

Mast Climbing Work Platform Safety Tips

Mast Climbers Fundamentals of Safe Use – Ground Conditions

Mast Climbers Fundamentals of Safe Use – Tying to the Structure: Advice for Erectors/Dismantlers


Safety Tips for Mast Climbing Work Platforms



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