Membership Categories & Dues

The SAIA annual membership runs from January 1 to December 31. If your membership begins in the middle of our fiscal year, you will receive an invoice in September with a pro-rated amount to continue your membership through the next fiscal year. All new applications require an additional one-time $100 application fee.

Additional branch listings above the number indicated per category can be included for an additional $100 per branch per year. Applicable to all member categories except for Emeritus.



Available to entities that are involved in the production, distribution, installation, design and engineering, and other functions directly associated with the scaffolding and access industry, such as: scaffold and access manufacturer, contractor, rental company, firm or independent designers/engineers involved in the industry. Dues are based on annual gross revenue.

Under $1 million   $905     Includes 0 branches
$1 to $5 million   $1,030   Includes 2 branches
$5 to $10 million   $1,365   Includes 5 branches
$10 to $30 million   $1,905   Includes 10 branches
Over $30 million   $3,530   Includes 60 branches  


Available to companies engaged in a business or service allied to the access and scaffold industry. 

Allied   $775   Includes 0 branches
Allied w/ Branches   $980   Includes 2 branches



Available to individuals, entities, and organizations that are not involved in the production, distribution, installation, design and engineering or other functions directly associated with the scaffold and access industry, such as: general contractors, sub-contractors, building maintenance industries, shipyards, refineries, public utilities, trade, labor and technical associations and institutions of higher learning. Dues are based on number of member branches.

Affiliate   $440   Includes 0 branches
Affiliate Safety Professional   $1,625   Includes 10 branches


Available to persons who are a minimum of 60 years of age and have fully retired (unless retirement was due to health or physical disability) from the field of scaffolding, access or related business. Emeritus Members must have been a member of SAIA for at least 10 years and have been a member in good standing at the time of retirement. Dues are $105.



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Brian Webb, President
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