Permanent Installation


The mission of the PI Council is to improve the knowledge of all those involved with the design, construction, use, inspection, maintenance and service of permanently installed suspended scaffolding.  Most notably window washing scaffolds, Façade Maintenance Units (FMU), Building Maintenance Units (BMU) and rolling gantries.


  • Develop a video demonstrating the safe and proper use of davits. This is to include raising, lowering, dismantling and transporting davits.

  • Complete and publish service/inspection check list.

  • Educate the members of the SAIA and scaffold users of the key differences between temporary and permanent suspended scaffolds. With emphasis on how the codes that govern each differ.

  • Inspection protocols (for Technicians) – PI scaffolds.


Statement on testing permanently installed building maintenance and facade maintenance system components


Brian Andrews
Bee Access Products

Bobby Zeolla
American Anchor