It is the mission of the SAIA Shoring Council to promote the safe use of shoring.


  1. Develop relationships with Industry agencies.

  2. Become the organization that represents the shoring industry.

  3. Projects/topics for the Shoring Council to work on:

  • Website

  • Create safety guidelines

  • Fall safety guidelines for erectors

  • Use of systems scaffolding for shoring

  • Use of light duty scaffolding for shoring

  • What problems/issues are associated with light duty shoring vs. heavy duty

  • Create inspection checklist

  • ATI

  • Hazard awareness training for shoring

  • Code of safe practice for vertical shoring


According to ANSI A10.9, shoring is "The vertical supporting members in a formwork system." However, shoring is so much more than this.

Shoring is a structural member or group of structural members supporting any temporary vertical or horizontal loading required to accomplish a construction or demolition project and includes the following:

  • scaffolding components,

  • pre-manufactured shoring frames,

  • steel,

  • aluminum,

  • timber, or

  • any other materials used for the specific purpose of providing temporary vertical or horizontal support.




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