SAIA Strategic Plan 2015–2024

The Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) is the global leader in advocacy and support on the safe use of scaffold and access equipment. To enhance and strengthen this leadership position, as well as expand the depth, breadth and pace of the industry, we have committed to do more.

On February 16, 2015, the SAIA Board of Directors unanimously approved a 10-year leadership path for SAIA in which we will fulfill our commitment to advance and promote working safely in the scaffold and access industry.

The foundation of the SAIA 2015–2024 Strategic Plan is a bold vision for the scaffold and access industry, going beyond what SAIA can achieve on its own. This vision sets clear milestones for SAIA to accelerate progress. While it will not be possible to achieve this vision alone, SAIA has a unique role in changing the scaffold and access industry.


SAIA will increase member value by expanding and diversifying membership. Membership in SAIA provides an opportunity for a seat at the table in an association that effects positive change in the industry. SAIA values the social connection that occurs through collaborative partnership and co-created achievement. Objectives are:

  • Enhance SAIA’s image as a credible professional and legitimate organization.

  • Be aware of the ever-changing member needs.

  • Increase the value to event attendees, vendors and sponsors.

  • Increase member outreach and engagement.

  • Increase volunteer participation and showcase activities and achievements.

  • Grow membership.


SAIA is committed to providing the highest quality professional development activities for those working in the scaffold and access industry. By understanding their educational needs, developing specific tools tailored to meet these needs, and providing an effective delivery system, the SAIA can more effectively help to expand their industry knowledge and increase their overall competency level. Objectives are:

  • Identify target audience.

  • Expand and improve deliverables to meet the needs of membership and industry.

  • Identify and utilize effective delivery methods.


SAIA will be the primary resource for industry data, technical knowledge/information and regulatory guidance. As part of being this resource, the SAIA will build strong relationships with government agencies and trade organizations. Through these efforts, SAIA will collect, maintain, analyze and disseminate results to the industry. Objectives are:

  • Increase the industry’s awareness of existing resources.

  • Increase participation in data collection.

  • Maintain and expand federal OSHA and industry alliances.

  • Develop regional and state OSHA alliances.


SAIA will deliver effective communication as the voice of the scaffold and access industry. We recognize the importance of communication on multiple levels. To improve our branding strategy, we will champion our body of work through the membership and general industry via internal and external methods. SAIA will open channels to collaborate more effectively throughout the diverse industry segments, emphasizing the value of networking and the importance of an educated work force. Objectives are:

  • Recognize and execute internal and external marketing program.

  • Develop a comprehensive branding and strategy program.

  • Expand and improve strategic communication efforts through technology.

  • Increase awareness of the employers’ responsibility to provide appropriate training.

  • Promote the value of networking.


SAIA will influence the development, understanding and promotion of published codes, standards and other regulatory bodies of work for those in the scaffold and access industry. Technology will drive the need for new standards. Regulatory bodies will become more dependent on industry experts for the development and guidance of codes and standards. Regulation, innovation and litigation continue to impact the need for more training. Objectives are:

  • Increase industry's awareness of existing resources.

  • Work with OSHA and other government entities to collaborate on new and updated legislation and regulations.

  • Continually increase the value of the SAIA Secretariat to the ASC A92 and ASC A11 Main Committees.