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Update from Committee Week - April 2020

The council meeting began with an update from Daphne Reitz, SAIA training coord. The Scaffold User Hazard Awareness training is w/ Regulatory & Review and will be available online soon; the Outreach Training Committee is reviewing Scaffold Inspector Course; and Spanish content for the other supported training programs has been completed and reviewed by native speakers. The chair then led a discussion on updating the User Hazard Awareness Checklist and developing a Scaffold Inspection Checklist. Three different types of checklists are under consideration: scaffold site inspections that include hazard awareness; scaffold component inspection, and post-scaffold incident inspection. There is an old SIA scaffold component inspection checklist that could be updated with more recent photos and the addition of more scaffold components, such as composite planks, tie anchor details, and ladder brackets. Other topics of discussion included using a consistent format for tip sheets, a recent scaffold collapse in Edmonton, misinformation about frame and brace scaffold in social media and ways that the SAIA can get the correct information out, and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry.

Please note the beggining part of the session was not recorded. Below you will find the recording and the Powerpoint presentation.

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View the CW Powerpoint presentation only


The mission of the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) Supported Scaffold Council is to help educate scaffold builders and scaffold users in all safety aspects pertaining to Supported Scaffolds.


  • Educate and inform SAIA members and the public in general in the best and safest work practices pertaining to supported scaffolds.

  • Educate the SAIA members and the industry in general on changing rules and regulations in the various jurisdictions.

  • Develop and present programs and training materials by working with scaffold manufactures, scaffold builders and scaffold users, in order to help SAIA members and the industry in general to make the supported scaffold industry a safe environment for all workers.


Code for Frame Scaffolds, System Scaffolds, Tube and Clamp Scaffolds & Rolling Scaffolds

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Small Scaffold Tip Sheet

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